The Good News


The most important thing we are about is the Gospel. Gospel just means, “Good News.” What is this good news? The good news begins, like all good stories do, in the very beginning.

In the beginning God created the universe (Genesis 1). He made the stars, space, our solar system, earth, and every living thing. We owe our existence to Him! And He made everything perfect. But if you look at the world, you quickly recognize that it isn’t perfect. Stuff breaks. We all grow old. There is suffering. What happened?

What happened is that we all rebelled against God’s ways. Humanity is the problem because we think we can run the universe better than God, and we all live messed up lives in a messed up world. The Bible calls our rebellion “sin,” and the consequence for our sin is death (Romans 6:23).

Where the Good News Comes In

God didn’t give up on his creation. He came to the rescue. He sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, who is God. He lived a perfect life, never rebelling against His Father. Yet he was arrested for crimes he didn’t’ commit. He was tried, and the innocent was found guilty. And he died on a cross, paying the penalty for our sins. His sacrifice was accepted by God, and three days later Jesus rose again from the grave.

He is alive!

He has ascended into heaven, and offers pardon and love to all who would turn from their rebellion against God and trust in Him. Jesus will one day restore all creation to its perfection. All who trust in Him will have eternal life in his perfect world.

Will you trust Him?

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