Robert “BJ” Olson

Pastoral Care Counselor

I grew up in the Portland Metro area (mostly in Beaverton, Oregon).  I met and married (1992) my Loverly wife Amy in Portland and had our first child there.  Amy and I have 5 beautiful children.  We moved to the Tri-cities via the circuitous route of Abilene, Texas (it’s complicated, but at least I can say I came from Texas).

I responded to a call to counseling ministry by completing my Bachelor and Master Degrees in Psychology at Central Washington University.  After graduation I continued my studies privately under the supervision of my pastor in the areas of Bible, Expository Preaching, Church History, and Systematic Theology.  I am ordained as a Southern Baptist Minister.

In my spare time I am Executive Director at Emmaus Counseling Center (Hyperlink here) and Teach psychology, sociology, and math at Gather 4 Him Christian College (Hyperlink here).  In my spare spare time (who has that right) I enjoy reading, building projects, and technology.

I have served part-time at Richland Baptist Church since 2012 as the Pastoral Care Counselor.  My responsibilities include counseling, conflict management, team building, preaching, teaching, and disciple training.

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