Richland Baptist Church

Audio Sermons

Give Thanks to the Lord

Overcoming Enemies

August 20, 2017 (PM)

B.J. Olson

Nehemiah 6

Nehemiah faced enemies when he was directing the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem.  Recognizing the types of opposition he encountered can help us in facing similar opposition in our lives today.

Testimonies of Youth

August 13, 2017 (AM)

Bryce Nalle, Sarah Hale, Devlin Pogue, Brady Nalle


Four members of the youth group at church provide brief testimonies.

How Big is My Circle?

August 13, 2017 (PM)

Dale Ingram

Nehemiah 5

The suffering of the poor people at the hands of the their own countrymen in Nehemiah 5 provides an opportunity for us to examine our personal "circle" of responsibility regarding those around us.

Making Much of Jesus

Manifestations of God's Glory

July 30, 2017 (AM)

Stanley Hughes

John 17:22-24

The highest priority of a Christian's life should be to glorify God.  To see better how to do this we look at past manifestations of God's glory, present glimpses of God's glory, and our personal reflections of God's glory.

The Eternal Security of the Believer

Incredible Fishing Stories

July 16, 2017 (AM)

Travis Southern

Luke 5:1-11

Peter, the experienced fisherman, had fished all night and caught nothing.  The next day, under Jesus' directions, he caught so many fish that the boat began to sink.  From this story we can learn four lessons on how to "catch" many souls for Jesus.


Pictures of Jesus

Juy 9, 2017 (AM)

Stanley Hughes

John 3: 12-17

We have all seen artists' renditions of what Jesus looked like, but they are probably all wrong.  The Bible shows us the right way to picture Jesus in the symbols that represent Him (e.g., bread, light, shepherd, lamb, lion, door, bronze snake on pole).