Richland Baptist Church

Who We Are 101

We invite visitors and guests with an interest in Richland Baptist Church to attend a class entitled “Who Are We 101.”  This class will introduce the church to visitors and also to applicants for membership.

It is common for some of our guests to have questions about membership.  Maybe we can answer some of those questions in advance.


Are there different ways to join the church?

Yes.  1) By professing faith in Jesus Christ and following Him in water baptism.  2) By transferring your “letter” from another Southern Baptist Church.  3) By your statement of faith in Jesus Christ, and that you have been baptized by immersion after salvation.  4) By statement from another denomination that does not practice baptism by immersion.  This is a statement of faith in Christ and of willingness to have baptism by immersion.  (A written statement regarding what Baptists believe is available upon request.)

We ask an applicant for membership to look into what RBC members believe and how we do things.  This will affirm in their minds and hearts that God is calling them into this body to serve Him here.  To do this the applicants attend “Who Are We 101.” 


May I be a Bible-study (Sunday-school) class member and not a church member?

Yes.  Many are.  Class membership is not church membership, but is an excellent way to get to know folks.  It is also a great way to study God’s Word and discover more about Jesus before making your decision regarding church membership.